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Why Womb Healing?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Growing up and well into womanhood, I never paid much attention to my womb. In fact, it wasn’t until I had my first child that I began to truly understand the power of my womb.

Whether you’ve journeyed into motherhood or not, your womb is the most powerful place on your person. This sacred space births not only new life but new ideas and new opportunities rooted in the wisdom of the wise women who have come before us. When our womb energy is clear, we are offered a direct connection to the divine.

Unfortunately for many women, the womb becomes a place of blocked energy or avoidance. Childhood trauma such as molestation, abuse and neglect often create blockages in the womb that we carry throughout our lives. Later on, trauma from relationships – familial and personal – can wreak havoc in our wombs, creating additional blockages that may manifest in physical ways.

What is your womb telling you?

When you experience endometriosis, painful periods, fibroids, infertility, cysts, irregular discharge, and other ailments that often impact women of color, it can be directly connected to the energy of the womb. Mental and emotional issues like depression and anger can also originate and be held in the womb.

In my Metro Detroit womb healing practice, I use a variety of healing modalities to remove negative energy from the womb and teach clients how to create a more loving, positive relationship with the womb that can help to alleviate negative symptoms.

I always begin by guiding my clients through the energy of their mother’s womb. By understanding the internal and external factors impacting your mother, we gain insight into the environment and begin to uproot and heal any negative patterns that were introduced during this critical time.

To share an example from my own life, my mother was an unwed teenager who kept her pregnancy a secret through the first two trimesters. From this experience, I learned to hide and to go unnoticed. It was only through womb healing that I began to shed that part of me and step fully into the light.

Healing is possible

When I first began this healing path, Spirit guided me directly to womb healing. In it, I understood fully that the generations of molestation and harm that had been normalized by my family, could be used as a catalyst to heal others. With ancestral learnings and guidance from my jegna, I began offering womb healing sessions to women in Metro-Detroit and across the state.

I offer other types of healing services including inner child, ancestral, restorative, couples, and more, but womb healing continues to be my favorite and most popular service. To help women push through shame, fear, anger, doubt and other low vibrational emotions and step into their divine, feminine power feels akin to being a birth doula. It’s incredible and I am grateful for every single woman who has trusted me through the process.

It’s my personal belief that every woman can benefit from womb healing no matter their age or circumstance. I’m honored to offer these womb healing sessions to the women of Metro-Detroit who have seen and experienced so much through the years – having their voices silenced and their pain ignored – and still have so much to offer the world.

Womb healing sessions can work hand-in-hand with therapy and other services offered by medical and mental health professionals.

A relationship like no other

Your relationship with your womb, which is at the center of the sacral chakra for both men and women, can offer a window into your relationship with yourself and others. Do you find yourself lashing out in anger, overwhelmed by sadness, or otherwise stuck? Start the journey to healing your life by first healing your womb.

The sacral chakra is the gateway to unlocking the other chakras. When you heal your womb, you unlock your passion, sensuality, creativity, intuition and align with your soul purpose – eliminating barriers that have prevented you from living the life you want.

Practice building the connection between your heart and womb by breathing deeply while envisioning a beautiful white light filling your womb and shining upward, reaching into your heart and growing brighter with each breath.

I like to do this exercise with my daughter. Before our children are old enough to talk, we teach them to identify their body parts – gleefully pointing to arms, legs, eyes, and ears. Think about how powerful it would be to guide our children to the power of the womb during this same stage. I think we could help them build confidence and avoid many of the painful predicaments that could impact them later in life.

If you’re ready to heal your womb, book a session today. I also invite anyone in the Detroit area to one of our free women’s healing circles where we use the power of breathwork, guided meditation and connection to create a sacred space for healing.

Until next time. Be well.

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