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Is your strength really your weakness?

If you are a woman of color in America, your resilience is innate. From birth, many of us are taught outright to be strong. For others, the teachings come from bearing witness as generations of mothers, aunts, and grandmothers hold it together as the head of households or labor on behalf of others.

We learn to hold in the things that hurt us – building tough outer shells and stiff internal walls along the way. We hide the family trauma. We grin and bear the daily microaggressions. We keep going even when all we really want to do is stop.

And then, they call us angry.

This was my story. Odds are, you’ve also lived a similar tale. I internalized everything and took pride in being the strong one. Even as a child, I was the adult. I was the one that kept it together – on the exterior, anyway. Inside, I was in shambles.

Messages from your body

When we ignore or fail to heal our inner struggles, they’re likely to manifest in physical ways. For some, that means unexplained or chronic pain in the body. For others it will look like anxiety attacks, headaches, digestion issues, or any other myriad of symptoms.

I hear from clients all the time who are suffering with things like fibroids or migraines. Most view these as minor annoyances instead of taking heed to the bright red flags their bodies are sending out. I explore every symptom on a metaphysical level. For example, in my Metro Detroit Womb Healing sessions, we work to heal negative emotions and trauma that may have contributed to the fibroids, and I provide tips and tools to create a more loving, healing relationship with the womb.

Much of the work I do is rooted in my own personal healing journey. I dealt with adult acne, fibroids, and recurring infections. Then, my hair started falling out by the handful. That’s when Spirit got my attention by bringing me to my knees.

The first lesson I learned in medicine was the power of asking for help. I, like a lot of women – black women in particular – was absolutely terrible at asking for help. I was “Mrs. I’ll Figure It Out.” I’d managed to convince myself I didn’t need help but that was all ego. The wounded little girl inside of me was crying out for help. Once I learned to put ego aside, my life changed dramatically. Now, I’ve come to see willingness to ask for help as a sign of inner strength and competence.

Finding your tribe

The idea for my Sister Healing Circles and Goddess Healing Circles was born from the simple idea of asking for help. Much like my Metro Detroit Womb Healing sessions and Restorative Healing sessions, these circles offer a place of respite from a world that is often unkind.

The thing I love about the healing circles is that there’s a collective energy that amplifies healing for everyone. The circles are not therapy, yet many women who come will experience therapeutic benefits. The spaces welcome all women and those who identify as women. We draw upon culturally grounded healing techniques to release trauma and raise the collective consciousness.

My business is named I’m My Medicine because I believe deeply, just that: You are your own best medicine. But if there is a second-best option, it is certainly allowing yourself to soften and be healed in the presence of the divine feminine. There’s no energy like it on Earth.

Expecting the unexpected

The best way to experience a Metro Detroit Women’s Healing Circle is to bring your full self and create a space of surrender – that’s when the soul-level healing happens.

All women’s healing circles in Metro Detroit include breathwork, visualization and meditation. We also create a safe space for sharing intentions and creating deeper connections with the sisters joining you in circle. Because we are who we are and we honor the sacred traditions of our ancestors, many of the events will include food, fire ceremonies, and movement.

Some women will experience life-changing breakthroughs through breathwork, which unlocks stagnant energy in the body and mind. Others will experience elevated states of consciousness through the medicines offered during ceremony. For others, the relationship building will be the biggest benefit. If you’re planning to attend one of our healing circles, I invite you to expect the unexpected because that’s exactly what you will receive every single time.

Be Well.

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