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Healing with Tiffani

Intuitive Kemetic Energy Healer & Breath Coach

What will your life be?


I am not the person I used to be. You too can rewrite your story.


When depression and anxiety stemming from generations of trauma left me paralyzed, bedridden and ready to end it all, I turned to traditional plant medicines, and they

led me to myself.


I began my study of ancient healing practices and was divinely guided to apprentice with my jegna and mentor Aja Fiyah. In my own healing, I dedicated myself to a new mission - helping and healing others, particularly women and families.


My goal is to help you find the possibilities that have been within you all along. Before the sexual abuse, before the neglect, before the anger and the heartbreak, who were you? Together, in a safe space without judgement, we can find the answers and begin to write a new story for your life.  

You are your own best medicine.

Tiffani is a true gifted blessing. Her level of patience and insight was just what I needed. She helps me to release what is blocking me from being the best version of myself.

Allison B


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Novi, MI


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